Courses We Provide

We offer five special subjects/courses.

1. B. Sc. with Chemistry as Principal Subject
2. B. Sc. with Microbiology as Principal Subject
3. B. Sc. with Physics as Principal Subject
4. B. Sc. with Zoology as Principal Subject
5. B. Sc. with Mathematics as Principal Subject

Selection of Subject Group

F. Y. B. Sc. S. Y. B. Sc. T. Y. B. Sc.
Select any one from (A) & (B) each Select any one from (A) Specialization in particular Subject
(A) (A) (A)
Group   Group Core-I Core-II Generic Elective Group Special Subject Generic Elective
F-G1 Chem. Phy. Maths Eng. Env. S-G1 Chemistry Physics Industrial Chemistry T-G1 Chemistry Petrochemicals
F-G2 Chem. Phy. Micro. Eng. Env. S-G2 Microbiology Chemistry Industrial Chemistry
Marine Science
T-G2 Microbiology Sem V-Microbiology Laboratory Hazard and Precaution
Sem VI-Biosafety
F-G3 Chem. Phy. Zool. Eng. Env. S-G3 Zoology Chemistry Marine Science
(B) S-G4 Physics Mathematics Sem III-Renewable Energy Sources
Sem IV-Non-renewable -Energy Sources
T-G3 Zoology Fisheries
1 NCC T-G4 Physics Electronics
2 NSS S-G5 Mathematics Physics Sem III-Mathematical-Modeling-I
Sem IV-Mathematical-Modeling-II
T-G5 Mathematics Operation Research
3 PT
4 Scope English ( Language Through Literature ) English ( Language Through Literature )
5 Saptadhara (B) Selected in F.Y.B.Sc. (B) Selected in F.Y.B.Sc.