Student Area


The institution gears itself to achieve its specific goals and objectives through its various teaching and extension activities round the year.

The extra curricular activities throughout the year enable students in their all-round personality development, strengthen their learning process, implement knowledge into action, environmental awareness, develop creativity, the spirit of nationalism and universal brotherhood.

Rules of Discipline

  • Every student should strictly abide by the rules of discipline in force from time to time, failing which strict disciplinary action will be taken.
  • It is compulsory for all students to attend each theory lecture and practical as per the college time table. Students should not roam around in the college campus and lobby.
  • Every student should carry his/her identity card which is issued by the college and should be produced as and when demanded.
  • Students who abstain from a class (theory / practical) due to illness of any kind, should submit a doctor’s certificate.
  • Absence in any lecture during the day will be treated as absence for the whole day.
  • During any free period, the students should not disturb any other class, they should go to the library or the study room.
  • Students should not indulge in any action or activity within the college campus or outside, which will lead to disruption of the administration of the college.
  • Students should take care of the college properties. Students damaging the college walls, doors, windows, lightings, fans, telephone, chairs, tables, writing boards or any other furniture of the college, will have to compensate for the damage caused. Besides, disciplinary actions will be taken against such students.
  • Students are not allowed to form any sort of association, club or group without the prior permission of the Principal. They will not be allowed to organize any meeting or invite any person without permission of the Principal.
  • No tour of any kind, picnic, meeting or conference will be held without the prior permission of the principal. Such tours can be organized only after getting the permission as per the rules of the college and submitting the written bond signed by the students and their guardians.
  • The Principal can be contacted in college office during the working hours of the college.
  • All students must appear in the internal Evaluation tests of the college as per rules. No. malpractices will be allowed in the examination hall. All the rules of examination have to be strictly followed.
  • Students are directed to take maximum benefit of the college library. Silence should be observed in the library. All students should strictly follow the rules of the library. Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited in the College Campus.
  • No student should come to the college campus after the working hours. They should not bring their friends or relatives who are not students of this college. They should park their vehicles properly and are not allowed to sit on vehicles parked in the vehicle parking area.
  • Only bonafide college students will avail of the canteen as well as other¬†facilities of the college students union.
  • The admission of those students found guilty of misbehaviour, using obscene language or involving in any sort of violence is liable to be cancelled.
  • All students should submit written applications in the college office to obtain necessary certificates, for which prescribed fees will be charged.
  • Students should be careful and take precautions to avoid accidents in the laboratory. They should strictly follow the instructions given to them by the laboratory staff and teachers present. College will not be responsible for any injury caused by students’ indiscipline inside the laboratory.
  • Any type of ragging of freshers is strictly prohibited and shall be death with stemly as per the latest government guidelines.
  • Students should not bring Mobile phones in the campus, classrooms / laboratories / library.
  • All students availing of SC/ST; Bakshi Panch Scholarships are mandatorily required to open Savings Bank A/c with Union Bank of India; Fuwara Branch Navsari and submit the same with the Application Form without fail.